There are three important dates in Thomas life : 1978 the year he was born. 2004, the year he decided to join the military, and discovered Photography, and 2007, the year when he  decided to make a living out of it. Thomas MUSELET, was born in Haubourdin, near Lille. From a family of musicians, he started playing the drums when he was 15  years old, and became a professional drummer in 1997.

In 2004, he starts a new career in the military. His fellow soldiers initiate him in the Art of Photography and before he turns 30, Thomas quits the Army to become a full time photographer. Self taught, he is naturally very creative and quickly gets noticed by numerous photo editors, who decide to have his work published on covers of their european magazines. « Chasseur d’images »,  « Création Photo » and « PSD » are among them. Thomas also writes photo review  for these magazines  and others, such as  « Compétence Photo »,  which is a magazine dedicated to mastering the art of photography.

His work is extremely creative and conceptual, he works with a lot on magicians, artists, clowns and promotional projects. He soons becomes the favorite photographer for many local, national and international artists. He then collaborates with numerous advertising companies and production agencies, for whom he works  as a photographer or a digital artist. Thomas is a dedicated and hard worker.

Perfection, Creativity and Unique are the key words to Thomas Muselet’s work

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